About us

Quesos y Alimentos Tradicionales, S.L. was founded in 2004 with the purpose of transmit our passion for the cheese and traditional Spanish products. We are dedicated to promotion and commercial distribution of traditional products, mainly cheese, and other perfect accompaniments of this product. In Spain there are many varieties of cheeses and artisan products and this versatility is due to geographical, landscape, climatic diversity and old habits transmitted from generation to generation that with care and dedication continue to perpetuate our traditions. Attributed to Hippocrates, philosopher and physician, the phrase "we are what we eat"... Everyone remembers with nostalgia that delicacy shared with friends and family in those remote places where they discovered a gastronomic treasure that has perhaps gone unnoticed for many. Childhood memories... Let us present "our little treasures" to discover "who we are" through our handmade products.
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